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Welcome to NDACES! The North Dakota Association for Counselor Education and Supervision welcomes your membership, feedback, and input. NDACES board and members meet bi-month from noon to 1pm on the second Thursday of the month. Members engage in consultation, presentations, planning, and discussion regarding supervision, clinical practice, legislation and every aspect of being a counselor educator and supervisor. NDACES also plans and facilitates events related to counselor education and supervision

Our Board

Curtis Ray DeGraw

M.S. /  LPCC /  President

Jenna Hershberger

M.S. /  LAPC /  Past-President

Curtis Ray DeGraw

M.S. / LPCC / Treasurer

Amy Tichy

M.Ed. /  President Elect

Elizabeth Thein


Open Position*


Our Members

NDACES members share a wide range of experience and perspectives. 

Our Bylaws
Our Meetings

NDACES meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month. NDACES is committed to providing opportunities for members to share, consult, and connect. 

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